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"Best Up-and-Comer" at CMA Fest 2014 -

"MamaDear combines the best of the music of the golden age of yesterday with the edginess of tomorrow…sounds so good today! I am a fan…big time!" -Tom Douglas (CMA Award winning songwriter for "The House That Built Me," "I Run To You," "Grown Men Don't Cry").

"It’s safe to say that MamaDear will be able to add quite a few more porch pictures to their collection as they continue to tour the country and win over fans. The group is packed with the potential and definitely one to watch as they begin to make a name for themselves." - Laura Spinelli (The Shotgun Seat)

"MamaDear blows through with a breath of fresh air with lyrics that are infectiously optimistic, stellar harmonies, and unbridled enthusiasm in their live performances. If this is what country music's future looks like, we're in good hands." -Judi Turner (Publicist, Turner and Co, Leadership Music)


                                                                         MamaDear never met a porch they didn’t like.

It was on a front porch just two and half years ago that Kelly Tillotson, Dan Wilson, and Parker Bradway formed the country music trio they now call MamaDearβ€”named after a lovely lady with the loveliest porch in Tennessee. Since then they’ve been on more porches than my (anatomically correct) hands could count. Playing their own shows and opening for acts like Brett Eldredge, Kristian Bush, Charlie Daniels, Thompson Square and more, has put thousands of miles on 15-passenger vans across America.  From Maine, to Florida, to Wisconsin, to my own paint-peeled porch in Connecticut, with every stop from coast to coast MamaDear carries home with them wherever they go.

All it takes is a verse and a chorus before MamaDear feels like a lifelong friend. This may be why they were named Rolling Stone’s β€œBest Up-and-Comer” at last year’s CMA Fest, or how they landed major hookups with Creative Arts Agency and Morris Higham Management.  It may also be why a Southwest Airlines flight crew once had them sing β€œCountry Roads” over the loudspeaker to 37 rows of delighted travelers. Their sound is contagious and breeds southern comfort nostalgiaβ€”no matter how far you may be from your own front porch.

MamaDear's tunes remind me of all the good things in life. Like a glistening glass wave just past the wake of a speedboat, like a perfectly timed song as the car pulls out of the driveway, like the cardboard pop on a can of biscuits, like the glide of the cork from a bottle of Woodford, like the hand of a friend on the crease of your shoulder, like the twang of a B7 chord on a vintage Gibson guitar, or the sting of the sun on your browβ€”full bellied after post-church Sunday brunch. Like everything you’d ever need is right beside you, exactly where it belongs. Kelly, Dan, and Parker are doing something different with their music. With the sound of stadium superstars and the heart of the Bluebird, MamaDear is taking country music to a place anyone can call home.

So leave your boots on the porch and stay a while. 


-Meredith Jane Day

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Booking: Creative Artists Agency | Nashville, TN | 615.383.8787

Management: Morris Higham Management | Nashville, TN | 615.321.5025 |